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Statement by NY-3 Congressional Candidate Greg Hach on Tonight’s State of the Union Address

“America today is a nation in desperate need of leadership. Unfortunately, there was almost nothing President Biden could have said tonight that will increase confidence in his presidency or his leadership. President Biden’s cognitive decline is only part of the equation. His inflationary overspending has sidelined the dreams of millions of Americans who hope to put a few dollars aside for their children or their retirement. Under Biden, that money has been washed away by exorbitant food, housing, and other daily costs that show no signs of abating. 

“Mr. Biden attempts to lay blame for America’s historic migrant crisis on anyone but himself, but it’s objectively clear that the fault lies directly at his feet. It was Mr. Biden who foolishly reversed President Trump’s common-sense immigration policies, and we’re all paying the price for it. New Yorkers are hit especially hard by Mr. Biden’s incompetency. His refusal to pay for the hundreds of thousands of migrants who have flooded our streets have forced New York taxpayers to shell out well over a billion dollars that should be spent on New Yorkers and their families. Children have been removed from schools to accommodate migrant overflow. This is what the Biden presidency looks like. It’s shameful.

“Mr. Biden and his party of hard-left progressives have also spurred a crime wave in cities and towns across America. No-cash-bail and the end of ‘broken-window’ policing destroyed 25 years of public safety progress in New York alone. Fentanyl, pouring across our all-but-open southern border, has sent countless young Americans to early graves. 

“As a proud military veteran, it hurts me to say this about our Commander-in-Chief. But as an American, I am duty bound to call out the truth as I see it, and what I see in the Biden Administration is incompetency and abject failure. No speech can save this presidency. It’s time for a change.”

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