Press Release: Hach releases first LiPetri Comparative Ad


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Conservative Takes Aim at Liberal Republican’s Business Partnership with Disgraced Former Congressman George Santos, Trump Opposition

“What type of Person Would go into Business with George Santos?”

New York-March 20…The campaign of conservative reform candidate Greg Hach (R-NY-3) today released its first digital advertisement, highlighting the controversial background of lobbyist and NY-3 congressional candidate Michael LiPetri, a liberal Republican who served as a chief lieutenant to progressive Mayor Bill deBlasio. Mr. deBlasio is widely viewed as the mayor who returned crime and chaos to the streets of New York. 

The spot, titled “Who is Mike LiPetri?”, takes aim at Mr. LiPetri’s long refusal to support President Trump, his opposition to congressional term limits, and his bizarre business partnership with disgraced former Congressman George Santos, who was expelled from Congress by members of his own party after scamming members of the public. Mr. LiPetri’s and Mr. Santos’s odd business activities have been described as a ‘Nigerian-Prince-Type’ crypto-currency email scheme

Mr. LePetri’s record is compared in the ad with Mr. Hach’s unflinching conservatism and his strong support for President Trump and congressional term limits. Messrs. Hach and LiPetri are competing in the June 25 Republican primary to fill the NY-3 seat previously held by Mr. Santos. 

“Mike LiPetri is constantly running for office — he primaried conservative-Republican Rep. Andrew  Garbarino in New York’s Second Congressional District last time — but few know about his controversial past with George Santos,” said Hach spokesman Bill O’Reilly. “LiPetri’s and Santos’s failed crypto currency email scheme should warn voters exactly what they’d be getting if Mr. LiPetri were to win public office. It begs the obvious question: What type of person would go into business with George Santos?” 

The Hach ad also calls into question Mr. LiPetri’s long opposition to President Trump and his America-First movement, which puts him sharply at odds with Republican voters in Queens and on Long Island. Mr. LiPetri also opposes congressional term limits, which 87 percent of  voters support, according to Pew Research

“Greg Hach is a conservative businessman and Air Force veteran who’s running for Congress because career, back-room politicians have dragged this nation to the brink,” Mr. O’Reilly continued. “He believes it’s time for ordinary citizens to step forward to save their country from the broken promises and shady Washington deals that are enriching the few at the expense of the many. Mr. Hach, a successful labor attorney, has never run for public office, and he promises to term-limit himself in Congress. That’s what Republican NY-3 voters are looking for.” 


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