Contain China’s Threat

to the United States

For decades the United States has looked the other way as China manipulated its currency, ran up huge trade surpluses, stole the intellectual property of U.S. companies, took our most sensitive military secrets, and tolerated leaders of a communist regime who lied about what they were doing. 

That time must come to an end. Right now, we must face the fact that China is an economic and military superpower, with the largest navy on the planet, a hostile regime that threatens trade routes of free nations in the South China Sea, a surveillance state that locks up minorities in concentration camps and persecutes Christians.

In the face of this threat, we must:

  • Maintain our military superiority and make our navy the largest and most technologically advanced in the world. 
  • Break up the network of Chinese spies on American soil who are stealing our military and civil technology. 
  • Forge new trade alliances with democratic, freedom-loving nations that treat Chinese aggression on one nation as an attack on all. 
  • Strengthen the security of our dams, water supply, electrical grid and energy supplies. 
  • Reinstate leases to drill for fossil fuels on federal lands and regain the energy independence we enjoyed just a few years ago. Failure to regain our energy independence leaves us vulnerable to the very governments with whom we will be at war with in just a few years.
  • We also need to replenish our strategic petroleum reserves.

The United States is the only power on earth that can contain China’s goal of world domination and force it to abide the norms of peaceful nations that play by the rules. 

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