Keep our Neighborhoods,

Trains, Subways, and Buses Safe

Quite frankly, it’s shocking that today we must be gravely concerned about public safety in our neighborhoods. This is a result of reckless leadership and foolish policies.

Clueless leadership in New York State over the last 10 years shared the belief that we could provide violent, hardened criminals with a get-out-of-jail-free card, defund the police, end cash bail for violent criminals, and not expect bad things to happen. 

This approach has caused skyrocketing and terrifying crime rates. It has demoralized our police forces and made it difficult to recruit new law enforcement officers. This is a malady caused by Albany’s incessant compulsion to coddle dangerous people who belong behind bars. 

We need more police – not fewer. Undercover narcotics agents are necessary in order to infiltrate dangerous gangs and drug cartels. We must initiate increased policing of neighborhoods, end get-out-of-jail-free cards, and employ cash bail for those who mug, shoot, assault, rob, or rape. 

It is vital that New York State, the LIRR and MTA do its part to keep our commuter trains and subways crime free for those who rely on mass transit to get to and from work.

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