Statement by NY-3 Congressional Candidate Greg Hach

On Cynical Ballot Challenge to Silence Conservative Voice

April 10, 2024

“Liberal lobbyist Mike LiPetri and the Nassau County GOP machine are trying to prevent me from exposing Mr. LiPetri’s sordid business history with disgraced former NY-3 Congressman George Santos, as well as Mr. LiPetri’s long-held opposition to President Donald Trump. Republican voters from Nassau have been taken for a ride in the past two years by a backroom cabal which first gave us Mr. Santos, and all that came with him, and then chose Democrat Mazi Pilip, who ran a disastrous special election race against incumbent Democrat Tom Suozzi. 

“I am the only America First conservative running in the NY-3 primary, and I find it curious that the local GOP is trying to silence me with a petition challenge. The fact that they’re doing it to support an anti-Trump former aide to progressive New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio makes it more curious still.  I will fight this slimy challenge with every ounce of my strength.

“Our nation, our district, and our way of life is at stake in the coming elections. It’s too important to leave in the hands of a lobbyist with questionable judgment and an even more questionable record. It’s also too important to allow party bosses in Nassau County to take voters’ right to a real choice in the coming elections because they believe they know better. History has proven the opposite.” 

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