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Statement by Campaign of  NY-3 Congressional Candidate Greg Hach

“We are bitterly surprised that another anti-Trumper, former Assemblyman Michael LiPetri, has been anointed by the local back-room political machine as its pick to run against Rep. Tom Suozzi (NY-3).  Needless to say, voters can expect a hard fought Republican primary over the coming months. 

“Mr. LiPetri, who has financial ties to disgraced former Rep. George Santos, was an integral part of the Albany swamp — the career politician turned lobbyist strongly opposes term limits — and he is completely out of touch with the concerns of real, struggling New York families. 

“Greg Hach, a U.S. Air Force veteran, successful small businessman, and ardent Trump supporter, will not back down an inch. Our volunteers are already collecting petitioning signatures. Let the campaign for the soul of the Party begin!”


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